There are more than 1.5 million meniscus tears each year, resulting in 800,000 meniscectomy surgeries in the United States. Currently, the treatment options for pain after meniscectomy are limited to replacement with allograft (cadaver) tissue, bone realignment surgeries, and knee replacement surgery. At present, there is no FDA-approved product for replacement of the meniscus.

MeniscoFix™ uses a bioresorbable polymer fiber-reinforced scaffold that is intended to restore mobility to patients suffering from severe meniscal injuries. NovoPedics believes this is an innovative approach to repair meniscal injuries. MeniscoFix™ has a unique fiber-reinforced design similar to the native meniscus. MeniscoFix™ is designed to be attached to soft tissue or bone, thus potentially enabling its use in total meniscus replacement surgery.

MeniscoFix™ has already shown strong results through in vivo proof-of-concept studies. These pre-clinical studies were largely funded by the Department of Defense's Armed Forces Institute of Regenerative Medicine, a Department of Defense JWMRP grant, and an NIH NIAMS SBIR grant.

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